Class Package Options

DF Athletics is proud to offer over 20 Classes/Open Gyms throughout the week to enhance the skill progression of our athletes! Our classes are designed to be hands on by trained/knowledgeable staff, as well fun and foster hard work! We provide top of the line training at affordable prices. With three different package levels you are sure to find a schedule that works for you!

class packages.png

Grey Level Package - $49 a Month - 1 Class a Week

Great for entry level athletes who are looking to spark their love for cheerleading!

Silver Level Package - $69 a Month - 2-3 Classes a Week

Perfect for the athlete who is looking to progress through skills at a standard rate. They are sure of their love for the sport and are ready to put in the work! 

Black Level Membership - $89 a Month - 3-4 Classes a Week

This is for the die hard cheerleader who is looking to progress their skills at a much quicker rate. The phrase “The work is worth it” is something to live by. You want skill? You want to be the best? Then come put in the work! 

2019-2020 Class Schedule .jpg