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Core & Cardio

Core & Cardio is for athletes that are looking to put some time and effort into their fitness.  This class is designed on timed intervals of different core, leg, and cardio workouts to ensure every athlete leaves feeling sweaty and great about the work they put in! Ages 5-18.

Flight School

Flight School is for athletes ages 5-18 that are currently a Top Girl or was previously a Top Girl on their team in the 2017-18 season. (Some exceptions can be made.)  This class will focus on overall Top Girl technique from body control, core strength, to flexibility, conditioning, and occasional air time with trained coaches. Ages 5-18.

Jump Training

Jump Training is for athletes ages 5-18 who are looking to perfect their overall jump technique and performance. This class will focus on building athlete speed and flexibility, as well as strong hip flexor muscles and core strength. Ages 5-18.

Tumbling Basics

Tumbling Basics is perfect for athletes of all skill levels.  This class is focused on going back to our basic tumbling technique and ensuring athletes are using perfect form.  This class is great to help excel athletes through higher level skills in a safer and more efficient manner. Ages 5-18.

Tumbling Level 2

Tumbling Level 2 is for athletes that have mastered a back/front walkover, looking to learn or perfect their back handspring, round off back handspring, or specialty level 2 passes.  Ages 5-18.

Tumbling Level 3

Tumbling Level 3 is for athletes that have mastered their back handspring, and round off back handspring, looking to begin the tuck process, as well as handspring series and specialty level 3 passes.  Ages 5-18.

Tumbling 4/5

Tumbling 4/5 is for athletes that have mastered a running and standing back tuck, looking to perfect their layout, or have mastered their layout and looking to begin the twisting process.  Ages 5-18.

Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop

Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop is a fun way to break out of your shell, get out of your comfort zone, and have a good time learning awesome choreography to great songs from today and back in the day!


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